Important Xbox 360 Accessories You Need

Posted by iris - April 12th, 2013



There are plenty of Xbox 360 accessories available in the market place. Choosing the important accessories make much sense as there are few tools that you might not need. So, what are the important Xbox 360 accessories you may need? Let’s see.

Xbox Controller:

Xbox controller as indicated by its name controls the menu and movement of the game. There are different tyeps of Xbox game controllers available for you to choose. Some of them include, wireless controller, wired controller, rechargeable batteries, battery powered controller, etc. Each type of controller has its own benefits and disadvantages. For instance, wireless controllers render excellent gaming experience, but may be best suited with gaming consoles contnected to large screens. To the contrary, you can use the wired controllers on any screen from televsision to your desktop PC. However, you will have to sit in a specific place for better vision and comfort. However, in addition, there are many Xbox 360 controllers come with additional functions like vibration, guitar control, DVD remote control, analong thumb sticks, etc.

Xbox 360 Composite AV Cable

Not many could get their gaming console connected to the high definition screen or large screen. So, in order to get the clear picture, increase the quality of the screen picture and better gaming experience, you can use the composite AV Cable. The AV cable increases the quality of the picture, enhances the sound system and provide you the real gaming experience with live sound.

In addition to the AV cable, there are other types of cables available, like VGA cable, RGB cable, etc.

Xbox 360 Gaming Headset

So you don’t want to disturb others in your home when you enjoy your time with Xbox gaming system. You may need to use the headset or hearphones. Enjoy listening to the sound effects of the game without troubling others. When the rest of the members in your family doesn’t hear anything, you will get thrilled by the real time music, explosions and live sounds that the high quality wireless headset earphones provide you. Headset and earphones come in two types, wired and wireless. If two players involve in playign the game, you can go for wireless headsets. Many headsets come with inbuilt battery and the power lasts for 8 to 10 hours, which can be recharged easily. It also enables you to chat with your friends.  If you have a limited budget, you can simply go for xbox 360 earphones.

These are the important accessory required and they are inexpensive too!