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Posted by iris - March 1st, 2013

dining table

dining table

As we think about the term – “dining tables”, a photo of a giant dining table with huge chairs flashes immediately at our eyes. However, this was the scenario quite a while back, things have changed drastically now.

When you have a tiny dining space, then you need not deprive yourself of enjoying lunch about the dining table because there are several kinds of dining tables, specifically for small spaces. Let’s start with having the various kinds of dining tables you can go for small spaces –

1. Wall mounted dining tables – Wall mounted dining tables are a great choice for small spaces they do not occupy living area in any way. These dining tables are mounted about the wall, and they may be folded “in” or “out” as required. As surrounding space and elements are not disturbed, these tables are great for loft rooms, studio apartments, and college dorms.

2. Folding dining tables – folding dining tables are pretty straight forward dining tables which might be easily folded and stored elsewhere easily. These tables are often readily available for three to five persons, and they are generally suited to homes that will not feature separate dining space.

3. Drop leaf tables – Drop leaf tables are similar to the folding tables, however they is not folded flat and stowed away. These tables are best for dining rooms with small space, as commonly obtained in 1-2 bedroom flats.

dining table

dining table

4. Gataleg tables – Gataleg tables feature two drop leaves on each party on the table, plus the legs open out like a gate in an effort to secure the leaves. The most beneficial feature of these tables is because they can be used as displaying things as soon as the table is just not being employed for dining purpose.

As you now be aware of the numerous kinds it is possible to select for small spaces, it is best to now consider other relevant factors. Firstly, look at the available space for your dining room table. Consider the probable traffic about the table that you will find created and the provision of leg space.

It’s always recommended to be in for square tables in case there is a small space in order that intimate cozy settings are created and there’s no waste of space. Prefix a budget prior to go down to get the dining tables so that your specific want is catered, and also you will not land up spending out of your reach.


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