Swiss Neutral Watches Suggestions

Posted by iris - December 3rd, 2014

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Men did not believe that a woman also appreciated the heavy mechanical watch before, and the women had to wear the big men’s watches. But for those women with strong confidence and queen temperament, they never follow trends – the complicated movement of those top wrist watches, again no matter how slim and super-small it is, also it has a certain “component”.

If we must say neutral watches boom, it is definitely not a thing of a day or two days, the small male watch being worn directly by women is not a new thing. Does the women begin to become strong and independent or the men become coupling hardness with softness? Here will introduce several neutral watches for you as follows:

Patek Philippe-Aquanaut Luce 5068R ladies mechanical watches

Patek Philippe-Aquanaut Luce 5068R is “Female athletes” coupling hardness with softness, and it is the first diamonds watch of the Aquanaut Luce series in the history which even carried the self-winding movement. The style of bold and vigorous because of the neutralization of the shining diamond looks self-fulfilment, no matter it is for sports or business negotiation, this  Patek Philippe-Aquanaut Luce 5068R is undoubtedly a great help for you.

ROLEX Oyster Datejust 179173 ladies mechanical watches

For a long time, replica rolex watches are deeply loved and widely popular with successful people because of its style of grave, practical, and not flashy style. Born in 1945, the Datejust was the first watch setting calendar display window on the watch surface, and the surface display window even is equipped with a small window convex lens, which magnifies the calendar display larger for 2.5 times to make it easier to read. The white Pearl fritillaria watch dial, becomes a great choice for those people pursuing of eternal voltage to make you much more charming and show your prestige at any occasions.

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